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Afilm Barcelona film school kicked off in 2009, with the aim of doing things differently to traditional film schools in Europe and the Us. After graduating, working in the industry and lecturing at Institutes and Universities we could see an increasing need to give students way more hands on experience so that they were able to cope and integrate into industry as fast as possible and make a living. Most degree courses were only allowing students to make a short film or two in their final years. Our dream from day one has been to create high energy, high impact intensive courses that would catapult students and professionals to a better place faster and better. We give students the chance from day one to be making shorts and create/ crew on features, as far as we know we are one of the only institutes in Europe or the Us who does this. In the last 10 years we have written, directed, edited, and premiered 10 feature length film with our students.

We’ve created a series of workshops, short courses and year courses which guide, nurture and engage both students and professionals. Today Afilm is a melting pot of creativity and productivity, the place where many leading directors and creative professionals chose to come to share and support young Filmmakers. We’ve even got a few Hollywood producers! Afilm´s reputation has also grown through word of mouth, we don´t advertise, we are off the grid and you have to look to find us. We prefer to work in specially selected small groups rather than large classes, we don´t have a campus, we invest in the best kit and equipment, we aren’t a traditional school, we are a network of committed industry professionals, students and alumni who all have a shared passion for film and an ethos to share and support the Afilm community.


Our tutors are all professionals with outstanding experience in their respective areas of filmmaking. All our tutors have worked and are working at the highest level internationally and have taught at some of the most prestigious film institutions in Europe and the US.

Afilm tutors bring thier passion, experience, insight, professional connections and fresh approaches onto our sets and workshops Under the guidance of this dynamic and diverse group of experts, students will have the opportunity blossom and grow artistically.

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afilm underwater cinematography

Attending AFILM is an experience never to be forgotten, it´s unique, transformational, hard work, exhausting, exhilhirating and fun. At Afilm you´ll meet fellow students who´ve been handpicked from around the globe, they will have different ways of working, diverse viewpoints, customs and techniques and you will learn together and from each other. Working in small groups at a fast rythym and cross disciplinary learning means students quickly form friendship bonds.

We are a diverse community that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue that produces open minded, caring citizens. We encourage diversity at all levels, from the students, professionals, tutors to the our admin team.

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afilm Sitge film school

Sitges is a beautiful cultural hub, just 30 mins south of Barcelona city Center. Nick-named the jewel of the Mediterranean for its many glittering bays and kilometers of sandy beaches, Sitges attracts entrepreneurs , artists and international film goers. Originally a small fishing village, in the 19th century it became a center for counter-culture and the arts. Sitges has the largest street carnival in mainland Europe, is home to a major international film festival and has five museums.
Whilst it has an incredible cultural agenda and excellent nightlife it still somehow manages to retain its original air of mediteranean charm. Sitges feels safe, is easy to bike around, has a sunshine all year climate and is an ideal campus town for students.

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