Introduction to Filmmaking program

The afilm Introduction course was time well spent. It was a very informative year. The instructors did an excellent job, not only providing us with an in depth film curriculum, but also personalizing our experienceto support our own interests in film. Classes were taught in a friendly atmosphere with a hands on relationship to learning material. Most of all I enjoyed the many opportunities to use equipment and be on shoots. I also appreciated the realistic point of view they had when learning about how to break into the industry. It’s a relatively new school but as it grows I am sure it can only get better each year

Introduction to Filmmaking program
Digital Feature Film program

The course was a real eye opener to everything involved in filmmaking from the theory to the practice. The best part was to see how all the work and planning that went into developing the story, was finally realized with the actual shooting of the short films and their editing. The course really helped me discover what I actually want to do as a filmmaker and gave me the tools and the knowledge to do it.

The work involved in the Master Film course was far beyond what I had imagined, but so were the rewards. The year went by very quickly and it was sad to see this incredible journey come to an end. I will never forget the private screening where I watched the completed film with my family and all the amazing and talented people that had become involved somewhere along the way. It was quite an emotional moment. I felt that I had really become a filmmaker.

Assistant Director Workshop
AD- Natives, Checkout, Dancing Dogs

In 2009 I was fortunate enough to discover afilm.  As a journalist and documentarian, I teach production and directing classes at the University of Valladolid.  The professional team at afilm has confirmed that the best way to teach my students is to work non-stop on passionate projects.  Thanks afilm.

Digital Feature Film Program

The course I did at afilm allowed me to obtain extra knowledge, above all else, hands-on.  To create a feature film in 8 months is quite a challenge, giving you tools for your entire professional life.

Art and Business of Feature Film Screenwriting Workshop

A year ago, I applied to one of afilm’s workshop programs hoping I might get a general idea about the art and business of screenwriting. Two months later, I had more than just a general overview. I gained a detailed knowledge regarding the process of screenwriting, a knowledge that has helped me since then in improving my writing career. However, what’s more interesting and personal about my experience in afilm is the fact that it wasn’t just about learning the technical terms of screenwriting; it was way more than that. I left afilm with something that I have been quite missing my entire life, the passion to write.

Three month Certificate Feature Film Cinematography

If I had to sum up in 2 words my 3 months experience at afilm it would be: Professional and Friendly…

I took part in the 3 month cinematography workshop at afilm in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. The location itself is very comforting and inspiring. The course was divided into 2 main sections: the first part of the course was theoretical in class sessions backed up with practical exercises and demonstrations illustrating the theory. This part was very fruitful and with a limited number of students in the class it felt like a private and personal lesson. Juan managed to give us a broad and general idea on different aspects of the cinematographic world but also somehow managed to dive into the smallest details of certain aspects as well.

The second part was a feature film execution. 7 days a week, around 9 hours a day, a full on shooting experience. We were responsible of the cinematography of the feature film (lighting, filming, focus pulling…etc). The shoot was very professional and we learned to work in coordination with all the different departments of the shooting crew.

Overall, my experience at afilm was very satisfying and I would go through it again without any hesitation. The course is intensive, the practical aspect is extensive, the shoot is professional, the atmosphere is friendly and the entire experience is nothing but unforgettable.e.

Steadicam Workshop
Crew: Natives, Checkout, Daning Dogs

Regarding afilm, let me say it’s a very dynamic international school which allows you to have fun while learning many things, when in doubt always having the Instructorsclose at hand, with their very considerable knowledge, is a privilege.  Thanks to your school you discover that it’s easier than it seems to shoot with a not so large, efficient crew.