afilm International Film Workshops

Q: What makes AFILM different from a university program?

A: Afilm international film school seeks to promote that which makes it unique- a personalized, English language international working environment featuring small groups, an emphasis on creative, visual storytelling and the creation of narrative feature films, with a hands-on, professional approach, in a very limited time span with minimum tuition fees. During the Introduction programme, for example, students have the opportunity to create three short films (one 16mm), and crew on many other productions, including a feature film production.  In the Feature Film programme, students collectively create a feature film.

Q: Without a Bachelor of Arts degree, can I still apply to AFILM?

A: A BA is not required to apply to afilm. Upon successful completion of your program, you would be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Q: What submission materials are best to send with my application?

A: For each program, we encourage you to submit links of sample works which best define you as a storyteller and an artist.

Q: Can I apply to more than one program? 

A: Students may not apply to the Introduction to Filmmaking program and the advanced Digital Feature Film program at the same time.

Q: How many students are accepted?

A: All Workshops and Certificate programs at afilm accept less tan 10 students per group, and in most cases, are limited to 5, to ensure sufficient hands-on, practical training.

Q: How old must I be to apply to AFILM?

A: All of the programs at afilm are very challenging.  Most of our students have previous studies (though not necessarily in film), and/ or experience.  The average age is mid to late 20’s, as the programs bring together students with the maturity, drive and world experience necessary to cope with afilm’s intense training.

Q: Are all students who complete the INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING program welcome into the advanced DIGITAL FEATURE FILM program the following year?

A: Acceptance into the Digital Feature Film program upon the successful completion of the Introduction to Filmmaking program is by invitation only.  Introduction students are evaluated on the basis of the quality of their work, attendance and participation in the program, collaboration, professional attitude and creative potential. The Digital Feature Film program accepts only a very limited number of students.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A: afilm is entirely independent, receiving no State funding.  Hence, we can offer no financial aid.  We encourage students to seek scholarship funding from other sources.

Q: If not accepted once, is there any point in applying again?

A: We encourage you to acquire more experience and create new works prior to re-applying.  Once you have enhanced your application we encourage you to schedule an appointment to further discuss your application process.

Q: When can I visit Afilm?

A: Visits to Afilm are by appointment only.  Please contact to schedule an appointment.