afilm International Film Workshops

Q: What makes AFILM different from a university program?

A: Afilm international film school seeks to promote that which makes it unique- a personalized, English language international working environment featuring small groups, an emphasis on creative, visual storytelling and the creation of narrative feature films, with a hands-on, professional approach, in a very limited time span with minimum tuition fees. During the Introduction programme, for example, students have the opportunity to create three short films (one 16mm), and crew on many other productions, including a feature film production.  In the Feature Film programme, students collectively create a feature film.

Q: Without a Bachelor of Arts degree, can I still apply to AFILM?

A: A BA is not required to apply to afilm. Upon successful completion of your program, you would be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Q: What submission materials are best to send with my application?

A: For each program, we encourage you to submit links of sample works which best define you as a storyteller and an artist.

Q: Can I apply to more than one program? 

A: Students may not apply to the Introduction to Filmmaking program and the advanced Digital Feature Film program at the same time.

Q: How many students are accepted?

A: All Workshops and Certificate programs at afilm accept less tan 10 students per group, and in most cases, are limited to 5, to ensure sufficient hands-on, practical training.

Q: How old must I be to apply to AFILM?

A: All of the programs at afilm are very challenging.  Most of our students have previous studies (though not necessarily in film), and/ or experience.  The average age is mid to late 20’s, as the programs bring together students with the maturity, drive and world experience necessary to cope with afilm’s intense training.

Q: Are all students who complete the INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING program welcome into the advanced DIGITAL FEATURE FILM program the following year?

A: Acceptance into the Digital Feature Film program upon the successful completion of the Introduction to Filmmaking program is by invitation only.  Introduction students are evaluated on the basis of the quality of their work, attendance and participation in the program, collaboration, professional attitude and creative potential. The Digital Feature Film program accepts only a very limited number of students.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A: afilm is entirely independent, receiving no State funding.  Hence, we can offer no financial aid.  We encourage students to seek scholarship funding from other sources.

Q: If not accepted once, is there any point in applying again?

A: We encourage you to acquire more experience and create new works prior to re-applying.  Once you have enhanced your application we encourage you to schedule an appointment to further discuss your application process.

Q: When can I visit Afilm?

A: Visits to Afilm are by appointment only.  Please contact to schedule an appointment.


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5. Privacy policy

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6. General Contract Terms

Entering into a contract for the academic services offered through the website, owned by Afilm International Film Workshops (AFILM SCP) (hereinafter, “Afilm”), implies acceptance of the following General Contract Terms (hereinafter, “the General Terms”).

  • I. Acceptance and availability of the General Terms
  • II. Purpose
  • III. Features of the service
  • IV. Applicable legislation
  • V. Modification of the General Terms
  • VI. Contract and right of withdrawal
  • VII. Payment
  • VII. Use of the service and liabilities
  • IX. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • X. Notices
  • XI. Severability

I. Acceptance and availability of the General Terms

By accepting these General Terms, you state:

  • That you are of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to enter into binding agreements or, if applicable, you have the authorization of your guardian to do so.
  • That you have read, understand and accept these General Terms.

II. Purpose

The purpose of these General Terms is to contract the academic services offered by Afilm  through its website, ie, completing enrolment in one of the courses or programmes on offer.

Afilm’s identifying data are given in point 1 of this Legal Notice.

III. Features of the service

Through its website, Afilm offers private, independent, education services both within Catalonia, mainly to the Spanish and International markets.

IV. Applicable legislation

These General Terms are subject to the provisions of:

  • Law 7/1998, of 13 April, on the general terms of contracts;
  • Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the Consolidated Text of the General Law on the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws;
  • Law 22/2010, of 20 July, on the Catalan Consumer Code;
  • Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection;
  • European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679;
  • Law 34/2002, of 11 July, concerning Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

V. Modification of the General Terms

Afilm may modify these General Terms, after giving sufficient advance notice thereof to the students, with the goal of improving the services and products offered through It will be considered that this obligation to notify is fulfilled with the modification of the General Terms set forth on Afilm’s website. In any case, before using the services or entering into a contract for the products offered on the website, students are advised to read the General Terms.

VI. Contract and right of withdrawal

The contracting process, ie, the completion of enrolment, will be developed in line with the periods set in Afilm’s academic deadlines and through the online channels established for this process on Afilm’s website.

In order to complete enrolment, students must meet all the requirements set for enrolment on the corresponding course or programme. After completing the enrolment process, the student will receive a confirming email. This email does not imply that the student has been admitted to Afilm. Admission is conditional upon meeting the admission requirements stipulated by Afilm for each of its qualifications.

Afilm reserves the right to cancel teaching of courses or programmes if a minimum number of enrolments is not reached. If a course or programme is cancelled for this reason, all enrolled students shall be notified and may choose between reimbursement of the enrolment fees or switching to another course or programme. In the latter case, if the enrolment fees are more than initially paid, the student must pay the difference and, likewise, if the fees are less, Afilm shall return the difference.  A student denied a student visa for any reason will also be reimbursed the enrolment fees, minus any banking fees involved, upon submitting written proof of student visa denial.

The student may exercise the right of withdrawal of enrolment, without any need for justification or penalty, up to thirty (30) calendar days before the beginning of the course. All of Afilm’s course and programmes feature very limited enrolment.  Once a course is full, all other applicants will be asked to reaply the following term.  It is for this reason there will be no refund of enrolment fees once the course / programme has begun.  To exercise the right of withdrawal, the student must have submitted the corresponding application using the channels created for this purpose by Afilm.

Afilm will return the amount paid for enrolment within a maximum period of 14 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the corresponding request. The reimbursement will be paid into the current account provided by the student.

After exercising the right of withdrawal in due time and form, the student may request reactivation of the enrolment, effectively cancelling the withdrawal. This request must be made sending an email to Afilm, and, in any case, before commencement of the course. Each enrolment will be personal and non-transferable and the rights arising therefrom cannot be transferred to another person.

Afilm does not accept any liability for non-performance or delayed performance of any of the obligations contracted hereunder, if said non-performance or delayed performance is the result or consequence of a situation of force majeure or a fortuitous event.

The student may make complaints, suggestions or comments to or to the Head of Studies directly in writing.

VII. Payment

Payment for all of Afilm’s courses and programmes may be made by the methods and in the ways indicated for each on the website. Fraudulent use of credit cards or denial of payment for any reason will entitle Afilm to cancel the contract for the course or programme purchased, without prejudice to the corresponding civil and criminal liabilities.

Non-payment of the enrolment fees may lead to temporary suspension of a student’s rights and, where applicable, cancellation of enrolment and any other effects this may have had. Students shall not have any rights to reimbursement, as stipulated in Afilm’s Economic Regulations.

Afilm requires, as a prior condition for enrolment or issuing of diplomas and certificates, that all amounts pending for enrolments on any academic course or programme be paid in full.

Afilm, as an entity regulated by Law 10/2010, of 28 April, will immediately notify the Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences of any operation suspected of being used for money laundering or financing terrorism.

VIII. Use of the service and liabilities

Afilm does not guarantee permanent availability of the services offered on the website, and is released from any liability for possible damages due to non-availability of the services for reasons of force majeure or errors in the electronic data transfer networks that are beyond its control.

Afilm does not accept liability for the content of the links to other websites that are not owned by it and, therefore, cannot be controlled by it.

IX. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Terms and the legal relationships that may arise from their application and interpretation will be governed by the laws of Spain.

For all matters concerning the interpretation and application of these General Contract Terms, the parties submit to the courts of law of the city of residence of the consumer and user, waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to.

X. Notices

All notices, summons, requests and other communications that must be made by the parties with respect to these General Terms will be made in writing and it will be considered that they have been duly made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by ordinary post to the other party’s postal address or to its email address, or to any other postal or email address that each party may notify to the other party for such purposes.

XI. Severability

If any of the articles included in these General Terms should be declared partially or totally invalid or unenforceable, said invalidity or unenforceability will only affect the provision or part thereof that is invalid or unenforceable. The rest of the General Terms will remain in force, the affected provision or part thereof being considered as not written.