This unique, professional directing workshop is designed for individuals with a passion for directing, though also recommended for writers and actors. It provides you with a very unique opportunity to gain first hand directing experience under Mark’s expert guidance.

“With astonishing clarity Mark Travis articulates the techniques and skills of film directing. Not only does the beginning student find invaluable guidance on all stages of the directing process, but the experienced director will learn rational explanations for many of the things he may have only been doing intuitively.”JOHN BADHAM, director
Saturday Night Fever, War Games, Point of No Return, Nick of Time
What’s on offer

The workshop is fast, intensive and absorbing. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to work in the real world. By the end of the workshop, students will have evolved professionally, worked with an industry leader, and have professional directing experience.

Acclaimed as “the director’s director”, Mark W. Travis, regarded by many Hollywood and International professionals to be one of the world’s leading authorities in the art and craft of film directing, leds this 2 day Directing workshop. Based on Mark W. Travis’ best-selling books, The Director’s Journey covers the entire process of directing a feature film from script to screen, from concept to completion. This intensive Directing Workshop is a discussion; demonstration and analysis of every creative step the film director must take in the realization of a film. In a Master Class setting with professional actors, Mark demonstrates a variety of revolutionary techniques (known as The Travis Technique) of working with actors in order to generate authentic and powerful performances.

afilm guest lecturer Mark W Travis
About the instructor?

Drawing from his background in design, writing, acting, and his experience directing theater, film and television, Mark is able to bring new insights and exceptional clarity to the complex task of directing the feature film. His books, THE DIRECTOR’S JOURNEY and DIRECTING FEATURE FILMS have become international best-sellers.

As Creative Consultant on feature films ranging from Studio productions (MGM, Twentieth Century Fox) to Independent Features, Mark is in demand for his skills in guiding the director through the complexities of film production. He has taught at AFI, UCLA, PU (Pixar University ), FAS Screen Training Ireland, HFF ( Munich ), and others.

“Teaching at afilm International Film Workshops was a joy. Great organization. Fantastic students who are eager to learn and grow and experiment. And the staff is dedicated to bringing the best teachers to Sitges, to Barcelona, to Spain. I highly recommend this school for all students and teachers who are dedicated to the fine art of cinematic storytelling.”Mark W. Travis
What will you get out of it?

Students will be sent an Information PDF so as to prepare for the Workshop. Students should be as familiar as possible with the story and script, as a scene from the film will be used as a model. Portions of exemplary feature films are viewed, analyzed and deconstructed giving each student an intimate insight into the art and craft of its director.

Mark will spend part of his time working with actors, demonstrating his approach.

afilm Mark W Travis Directing
What will you be doing?
  • Script Analysis
  • Working with the Writer
  • Forming The Creative Team
  • The Casting Process
  • The Actor/Director Relationship
  • The Rehearsal Process
  • Visualizing your Story
  • Working with the Cinematographer
  • The Production Process
“Mark Travis is the only practical teacher of directing I’ve ever met. Simply the best, I learned more from him than I did in four years of film school.”Cyrus Nowrasteh, Director, THE DAY REAGAN WAS SHOT, THE STONING OF SORAYA M.
“I attended one of Mark’s workshops and picked up a directing technique I was able to successfully use a week later. His approach is unique and I’m ready to learn more!”Randal Kleiser, director: GREASE, THE BLUE LAGOON, THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE