This unique, professional DSLR camera workshop is designed for individuals with a passion for visual storytelling and cinematography in general. The workshop provides you with a unique opportunity to gain first hand camera experience under Juan’s expert guidance.

What’s on offer

The workshop is fast, intensive and absorbing. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to work in the real world. By the end of the workshop, students will have evolved professionally, worked with an industry leader, and have professional camera experience.

Cinematographer Juan A. Fernandez leads this 3 day DSLR Camera- Shooting video workshop. The frenzy of shooting with DSLR’s has pushed the industry to demand more and more of a tool with several limitations. Filmmakers need to understand and get to know the potential and limitations of these unique tools. This workshop presents students with an opportunity to learn how to get the most from their DSLRs.

The workshop is designed for filmmakers, camera operators, camera assistants and other cinema professionals who wish to gain insight into the world of DSLR video. The theory and practice of the HDSLR shooting are examined in depth, so as to become familiar with the digital camera technology. The course includes lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises. Students may request training on specific cameras, and bring in their own cameras to train on.

DSLR training at afilm
About the instructor?

Juan A. Fernandez AEC has worked in the film industry in Los Angeles and throughout Spain, including several years at Panavision Hollywood. A designer of specialty film equipment, his area of expertise includes high speed, underwater, VFX and stereoscopic cinematography, as well as teaching cinema (UCLA Extension, University Pompeu Fabra, ESCAC). He’s shot many feature films, including The Forsaken (Sitges International Film Festival 2015), television programs and advertising campaigns.

What will you get out of it?

Shooting video with DSLRs will show DSLR shooters the capacities of their cameras and in so, help them get the best from their cameras. We will go over the basic notions of how the cameras work, sensor sizes, their advantages as far as depth of field, lenses, portability and understanding its limitations regarding the video processing compression, rolling shutter, moire and external audio recording. The practical aspects of the workshop will help students familiarize themselves with the proper way of shooting with these cameras in order to get the best possible outcome, as they experience the entire workflow from shooting to post-production of a 30 sec spot.

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What will you be doing?
  • Creating looks.
  • Creative white balance use.
  • Examine sensor specs.
  • Discover lens overview
  • In depth exposure techniques/ Depth of field
  • Light meter use for digital exposure.
  • Canon Log explained.
  • Complete workflow practical exercise, from shooting to postproduction.
“Juan is a pleasure to work with and learn from, his knowledge in is unquestionable, over the space of a short time I have learnt an incredible amount from him and I can only hope to continue learning more.”Ian Breeds (UK)
“The Passion for film among instructors and students at afilm generates an ideal environment for creativity and experimentation.”Youssef Naaman (Lebanon)