Coverage, Pitching and Packaging

This unique Introduction to Development Workshop is designed for professionals who want to focus on Producing from the perspective of Development, the very first part of any audiovisual project. This Workshop allows students to develop their own project on their quest for funding and/or continue to Preproduction. 

What’s on offer

The workshop is fast, intensive and absorbing, focusing on all aspects of Development, including Coverage, Pitching and Packaging. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to work in the real world. By the end of the workshop, students will have evolved professionally, received professional feedback and have tangible material to continue with their own project.

Afilm Studio
About the instructor?

Regine Clemenceau studied Communications in Mexico at Anahuac University and specialized in Film as part of her Bachelor Degree. She graduated from Afilm’s Feature Film Producing Program and worked as UPM on the Feature Film Shattered Fragments in 2018. She is currently working at Afilm Studio as Unit Production Manager and setting up her own Development and Product Placement company, based in Sitges.

Afilm Producing program
What will you get out of it?

•You will learn the importance of development in a film project

•You will learn how to pitch your project and look for funding

•You will learn how to prepare a Production Package to present your project

• You will pitch your project and have it filmed for further analysis

•You will create a Production Package for your project

•You will work on your project’s strengths to define selling points

•You will receive professional feedback on your script (Script Coverage)

What will you be doing?
  • Day 1
  • •What is development? What’s in it? Why is it important?•Pitching: What to include? Examples(?)•Students pitch their project (filmed exercise)•Script coverage: What is it? How is it useful?•Instructor will work on Script Coverage, prior to starting the workshop, for students to have feedback on their own project.•Packaging: What is it? What is it for? Contents. Examples.Hw. Bring material for your package
  • •Day 2
  • •Create package•Package feedback•Second pitch (filmed, with package)•Classmates’ feedback on each others’ pitching
“Regine is a very bright, passionate young filmmaker, who fully appreciates the importance of Producing, and Development in particular, in the challenge that is filmmaking- and actually makes producing fun.”Yolanda Torres, Filmmaker
“Development remains the great unknown for many aspiring filmmakers- and yet this phase of the cinematic process can easily make or break your project.”Regine Clemenceau, Filmmaker