Afilm Film Workshops

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Afilm Film Workshops

Cinematography, Directing, Steadicam, Screenwriting – join us at afilm this summer!

Filmmaking Summer

Join us at Afilm for summer film workshops– Come and learn a new filmmaking skill or perfect your current skill- Come and shoot afilm!

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Summer Film Workshops

We´ve created a series of workshops, short courses and year courses which guide, nurture and engage both students and professionals. Today Afilm is a melting pot of creativity and productivity, the place where many leading directors and creative professionals chose to come to share and support young Filmmakers. We prefer to work in specially selected small groups rather than large classes, we don´t have a campus, we invest in the best kit and equipment, we aren’t a traditional school, we are a network of committed industry professionals, students and alumni who all have a shared passion for film and an ethos to share and support the Afilm community.

Afilm’s Summer Film Workshops include: Steadicam Workshop, Arri Alexa Workshop, Screenwriting Workshop, Creative Documentary Workshop, Junior Summer Film Camp, Introduction to Development Workshop and more.  Contact for more information.

Afilm Alexa

Cinematography, Screenwriting, Directing…

Come join Afilm’s Summer Film Workshops- our workshops are fast, intensive and absorbing, focusing on all aspects filmmaking. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to work in the real world. By the end of our workshops, students will have evolved professionally, received professional feedback and be ready to tackle their next filmmaking objective.

Junior Filmmakers