Fly Steadicam at Afilm!

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Afilm  Steadicam!

Afilm is pleased to offer training on the Steadicam, a camera stabilisation system created by Garrett Brown- one of the most fun and innovative tools of cinematography!

Afilm Steadicam 2019

Come Fly Steadicam at Afilm!

Students of the Introduction to Filmmaking programme are introduced to one of the most versatile and exciting tools of filmmaking, the Steadicam!
Fly Steadicam at afilm
Afilm Steadicam 2019

Afilm offers a series of Steadicam workshops, from an introduction to professional One-on-One coaching.

What will you be doing?
  • Steadicam set-up/ Balance / Vest and arm adjustments
  • Walking / Running/ Stairs / Starting/ Stopping
  • Panning, Booming, Tilting, POVs
  • Blocking
  • Working with clients/ Working in the industry
  • Safety

Come Fly Steadicam at afilm!

Fly Steadicam Afilm