Afilm Feature Film The Odd Perspective!

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Afilm Feature film  “THE ODD PERSPECTIVE”
Principal photography began this week on the new Afilm feature film, “The Odd Perspective”, featuring a international cast from Actors One Agency . The film stars Christopher Hunter and Arne Gottschling, with Lena Martinez, Josh Brisa, Sam Jones, Xavi Garrido, and William Carney.
Stay tuned for more behind the scenes of The Odd Perspective!

Afilm on set
Afilm steadicam

Behind the Scenes- Week One!

The cast and crew began their afilm feature film journey at the beautiful, historic Estacion de Francia train station in Barcelona- an absolute treat to be able to film on such an incredible location- thank you to all the kind folks ADIF for making it possible!

Afilm on set


The week continued on a variety of sets, including the gorgeous Casa Felix in Olivella Barcelona. Catch some behind the scene glimpses of cast and crew on set- More to come!

Afilm feature film
Afilm Feature Film
Afilm The Odd Perspective
Christopher Hunter Actors One Agency