Very Young Actors at Afilm!

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Very Young Actors on Set at Afilm

Several talented young actors from Q E Kids Drama Workshops in Sitges joined filmmakers at Afilm to shoot a scene from the upcoming new feature film, The Odd Perspective”.

These very young performs train at Q E Kids Drama Workshops, with Instructors Sarah Tyler Shaw and Ian Breeds, highly talented actors who have frequently collaborated on Afilm feature projects.

QE Kids Drama Workshop
Afilm young Actors


1996. Barcelona. A park.  3 boys play at detectives, young Aleix, young Jaume and his friend, Andre.  What should have been a beautiful day in the park, turns tragic in the ne0-noir thriller, The Odd Perspective.  Stay tune for more on Afilm’s upcoming feature film shoot!

Afilm The Odd Perspective

The Odd Perspective
As part of their training students at Afilm will spend a month crewing on a feature film to be shot in and around Sitges (Barcelona).  They will have the opportunity to experience first hand the challenge that is creating a feature film, by crewing on a professional production.  This year, Afilm presents The Odd Perspective- featuring very young actors fro QE Kids Drama Workshops.
Stay tuned for more on the actors of The Odd Perspective!

Afilm The Odd Perspective