Super 16mm Film Shoots!

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Afilm Introduction to Filmmaking Super 16mm Film Shoots!

Students of the  Introduction to Filmmaking  programme create a series of Super 16mm short films, as part of their training each year.  They have the opportunity to  shoot Super 16mm negative film, a rare opportunity!

Afillm Introduction to Filmmaking

On Set Film Training!

Each students writes, directs, shoots and edits their own personal Super 16mm Film   – This programme  provides students with the opportunity to learn all the stages of filmmaking through doing. Students will crew on a wide variety of projects, including a feature film, create a showreel and develop a career plan.
Afilm Introduction to Filmmaking
Afilm Eric 16 1
Introduction to Filmmaking-

The course is fast, intensive and absorbing. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to launch their careers in filmmaking. By the end of the programme students will have evolved artistically and professionally, worked with industry leaders, have real-life on-set experience, a career plan and a showreel of their work, as well as three short films which can be taken to film festivals.

Afilm Introduction to Filmmaking
Introduction to Filmmaking