Afilm at Sitges International Film Festival!

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Sitges Film Festival

Afilm’s new feature film, SHATTERED FRAGMENTS to premier at the Sitges International Film Festival October 4th- Catch the trailer!

Afilm at Sitges FIlm Festival

Afilm’s SHATTERED FRAGMENTS was created by students of the Digital Feature Film programme.  The Feature Film Programme is uniquely designed for individuals who wish to undergo a highly vocational and industry focused training and education as contemporary filmmakers. In 8 months you will shoot a feature film, as far as we are aware it is one of the only courses of it’s kind in the world.

Sitges Film Festival

Afilm’s Venice at Sitges Film Festival 
The anamorphic, sci-fi short film, VENICE, starring Actors One Agency Daisy Tonge and Matthew Mills, will also premier at the Sitges International Film Festival, in competition in the Noves Visions section. Catch the trailer!

Sitges Film Festival

Afilm is incredibly proud too be able to premier not one but two films at this year’s Sitges International Film Festival- the feature “Shattered Fragments”, created by students of the Digital Feature Film programme, and “Venice” in Noves Visions competion.

Sitges Film Festival
Afilm Feature film