National Press coverage Afilm Premiers at Sitges Film Festival!

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 Camara & Light Magazine

Afilm  Premiers at Sitges Film Festival – October 4th 2018 at the Retiro Cinema, the premier of Afilm’s new feature film, SHATTERED FRAGMENTS at the Sitges International Film Festival, featured in Spain’s prestigious technical filmmaking magazine Camera & Light.

Camera & Light

Afilm Camera & Light

Cine & Tele magazine 

Spain’s national audiovisual magazine, Cine & Tele, featured an article on the premier of Afilm’s Shattered Fragments and Venice.

In case you’ve missed it, here’s the trailer for the new feature film, SHATTERED FRAGMENTS, created by students of the Digital Feature Film programme.

Catch the trailer!

Afilm Cine Y Tele

Juan A. Fernandez AEC/ Sony ICE Cinematographer 

Afilm’s Juan A. Fernandez AEC/ Sony ICE filmed both Afilm projects premiering at the Sitges International Film Festival, with staff and students.

Afilm Sci-Fi “VENICE” Premier

Afilm’s sci-fi film “Venice” premiered Saturday October 6th at the Prado Cinema, in the prestigious Notes Visions in competition- a spectacular week for Afilm, thanks to the world-class Sitges Film Festival.

Afilm producing