New Directing Alumna Feature!

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Afilm Directing Alumna Veronica McKenzie!

Afilm is extremely proud to share the Nine Nights TRAILER to Veronica McKenzie’s debut feature film, NINE NIGHTS.

A house full of mourners.

A grief stricken mother and daughter.

As the nights count down,

Will the living let go of the dead?

Afilm Directing Alumna Veronica McKenzie


“Before Veronica joined Afilm’s Directing Workshop, I had a chance to read the script for Nine Nights- and I could not have been more excited!  In the workshop we had the opportunity to work on sides from the script with actors to simulate the casting process, where we all quickly realized the potential in each scene.

Next Veronica developed a variety of scenes with some very talented actors, crafting poignant performances, as she gave further shape to her scenes.  Finally, Veronica shot some of her scenes, with evocative cinematography, performances, staging, etc  Here we all felt first hand that Nine Nights was indeed a story that simply had to be told!

What a treat to get to work with such a talented writer, and be a part of her directorial debut journey – we are all so proud of Veronica and her thought-provoking, heart felt story about the human condition!”

Yolanda Torres / Directing Instructor /Head of Studies Afilm

Afilm Directing Alumna Veronica McKenzie
Afilm Directing Alumna Veronica McKenzie
Writer Director Veronica McKenzie

Veronica began writing comedy sketches for ‘BLOUSE ‘N’ SKIRT (BBC 2), ‘COMEDY DOT NET (BBC Music Live), and ’11 O’CLOCK SHOW’ (Channel 4 with Ricky Gervais).  Her experience takes in TV serial CORONATION STREET, theatre A WOMAN ON FIRE  her tribute to Nina Simone and radio CINDERS – A BADASS PANTO (BBC 1). She founded Inspiredonline, and guest lectured in the UK and US.  After studying at UCLA, Veronica moved into producing.  When preparing NINE NIGHTS, Veronica came to Afilm to participate with her project in Afilm’s Directing  workshop.

Stay tuned for news of NINE NIGHT’S Premier!

Afilm Directing Alumna