Winter Fairytale- new Afilm Alumna film!

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Afilm  Alumna Darya Perelay!

Afilm is very pleased to share the Winter Fairytale trailer to Darya Perelay’s debut animation film, Winter Fairytale.

One day The Girl had a dream: Another girl from her painting came to life. They had a friendly conversation all night long. And then morning came…

Afilm Darya Perelay Winter Fairytale

Introduction to Filmmaking programme

Afilm alumna Darya Perelay is a graduate of the Introduction to Filmmaking programme and a Mentoring programme student. She has directed her first feature film “I Love Her”, as well as several short films.  Winter Fairytale is her first animation film.  She is currently preparing her next feature film.
The Introduction to Filmmaking Programme is a film training course exploring all aspects of filmmaking, designed for individuals who wish to embark on a viable career in visual storytelling, with an emphasis in film. This introduction programme is designed for individuals with passion, creativity, determination and a real commitment to initiating a lasting career as a professional in the film industry. It provides students with a unique opportunity to gain first hand experience by creating a series of individual short films, as well as crewing on a feature film.
Film workshops
Afilm Darya Perelay Winter Fairytale

Intensive and Practical

The Introduction to Filmmaking programme sets students on their quest to develop their career toward their dream, providing them with the opportunity to learn all the stages of filmmaking through doing. Students crew on a wide variety of projects, including a feature film, create a showreel and develop a career plan. The course is fast, intensive and absorbing. Our key goal is to give students the tools, the mindset and the support they need to launch their careers in filmmaking. By the end of the programme students have evolved artistically and professionally, worked with industry leaders, have real-life on-set experience, a career plan and a showreel of their work, as well as three short films which will be taken to film festivals.

Stay tuned for premier information on Afilm Alumna Darya Perelay’s Winter Fairytale!

Afilm Darya Perelay Winter Fairytale