Afilm new AEC Miembro Protectivo!

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AEC Asociación Española de Directoras y Directores de Fotografía.

Spain’s prestigious AEC Society of Cinematographers has just accepted Afilm International Film Workshops as a Miembro Protectivo.


AEC Society of Cinematographers

Afilm Director and Cinematographer, Juan A. Fernandez AEC, currently a member of the AEC Board of Directors, aspired to have Afilm join the AEC, as a way of supporting excellence in the art of cinematography.

For more information on Afilm’s 3 month Cinematography programme, please visit:





The AEC is a part of IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers,  “created initially to bring European cinematographers together to discuss and find solutions to challenges of common interest, to promote the Art of Cinematography at an international level, and to share and exchange experience and knowledge.

IMAGO now has 49 International Societies, with almost 4000 professional cinematographers as members, from all corners of the world.

IMAGO is not a Union, but a Federation that works to inform and promote the importance and relevance of cinematography to the general public, film colleagues and the cultural-political environments.

The interest shown by cinematographers worldwide to meet, discuss topics of high importance, technically and creatively, is rapidly increasing. IMAGO is the international hub, and as a direct connection between all National Cinematographers Societies has never been more relevant.” Imago

AEC Miembros Protectores