Afilm Sony Professional Europe – Venice

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Afilm’s VENICE short film on Sony Professional Europe

Venice, an afilm short film which premiered recently at the Sitges International Film Festival, was shot using one of Sony’s first Venice cameras in Europe, as well as anamorphic Servicevision lenses and Fujifilm’s Cabrio lens.

Afilm Sony Professional Europe

VENICE – Catch the trailer at Sony Professional Europe

Afilm Director and Cinematographer and Sony ICE expert, Juan A. Fernandez AEC, currently a member of the AEC Board of Directors, filmed the anamorphic film.

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Sony Professional Europe
Venice stars Daisy Tonge and Matthew Mills of Actors One Agency , tells the story of Max, an emotionally damaged VR programmer, struggles to find his place in a psychological sea of virtual reality, memories and reality- his quest to be with the love of his life, Venice, leads him on a path of self-destruction.

Afilm Sony Venice
Afilm Venice Juan A. Fernandez AEC 3