Afilm 3 Month Cinematography programme

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Afilm 3 month Feature Film Certificate programmes

Afilm offers a series of three month Feature Film Certificate programmes, including Cinematography, Producing, Production Design, Editing and Sound.  These courses are  uniquely designed for individuals who wish to embark on highly vocational and industry focused training courses as contemporary filmmakers specializing each department. These programmes are designed for individuals with passion, creativity, determination and a serious commitment to creating a lasting career in Filmmaking. They provide you with a very unique opportunity to gain first hand experience of what it takes to make a feature film.

Juan A. Fernandez AEC

On Set Feature Film Training

For three months, in the Feature Film Certificate programmes, you will form part of a small, tight-knit production team with a single shared goal: to craft a poignant and moving feature film. Industry experts will be working with you, encouraging and guiding a small group of passionate and specially selected students to create a film to be taken to festivals. You will be part of the department of your specialisation, who will be taken on a journey through all the aspects of that department.
Juan A. Fernandez AEC
These programmes are totally unique and provide you with the opportunity to learn all stages of each specialisation through doing. Students will continuously undertake practical, creative and technical workshops in groups and will then be asked to put their knowledge into practice, on a real-life feature film project. The course is fast, intensive and absorbing. Our key goal is to give students the tools, mindset and support they need to make it in the real world. By the end of the program, students will have evolved professionally, worked with industry leaders, have a feature film experience, a career plan, and a feature film to be taken to film festivals. This is a distinctive feature of these afilm programmes.
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