British College Gava- New Afilm Collaboration!

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British College Gava– Explore all aspects of Cinema with Afilm International Film Workshops at British College Gava!

British College Gava- 

Afilm is pleased to announce a new collaboration with British College Gava- GSE in Media Studies.

British College of Gava Ven a participar en cursos de cine de Afilm, en British College of Gava.

British College of Gava

British College Gava

Celebrating Afilm’s new collaboration with British College Gava! BCG’s mission statement reflects Afilm’s values:  “In order for its students to enjoy life long fulfillment, The British College of Gavà provides opportunities for all its students to achieve academic, artistic and sporting excellence, lasting physical, spiritual and mental health and to be inspired to accomplish personal and professional success in the 21st century.”

Afilm celebrates the new collaboration with British College of Gava in Media Studies!  Afilm instructors will  guide, nurture and engage students in Media Studies at BCG, a school which is, as is Afilm,  a melting pot of creativity and productivity, a place where  creative professionals chose to come to share and support young filmmakers. 

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British College of Gava
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