afilm Costume Designer Fernanda Carrillo
Fernanda Carrillo, Costume Design Instructor
Fernanda enjoys telling stories through wardrobe

Venezuelan Costume Designer and Fashion Designer Fernanda Carrillo Arredondo has a degree in Fashion Design from Bau, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona. Her Design background allowed her to combine her passion for art and geometry. Thanks to her spacial vision, she possesses considerable skill for pattern making.

She’s collaborated with other fashion designers, carrying out the design and production of their collections. Her own personal designs are developed in the fashion collection entitled Tesela, amongst other projects.

Fernanda joined the film industry in Barcelona after first exploring a career in Fashion. She’s collaborated on several afilm projects, including the feature film projects The Afterglow (Sitges International Film Festival 2014), The Forsaken (Sitges International Film Festival 2015) and the upcoming Enclosed.

Fernanda enjoys telling stories through wardrobe, knowing that behind this is a process of investigation and teamwork. She applies her knowledge when designing, on a quest for the style of characters in a new film, which will re-enforce and help bring characters to life.

Her methodology is based on investigation, discipline and hard work, but especially through the synergy with the people around her. She is motivated by a positive workspace where effort is valued as is the willingness to learn. She seeks to reinvent herself constantly to become the best professional possible and for this reason, she loves to teach at and work with afilm.

I enjoy teaching at afilm because it’s a creative work space where harmony and collaboration reign, where we always learn from one another, it’s like forming part of a grand family, where everyone works towards the very best result”Fernanda Carrillo Arredondo