Feature Film Premier at SItges Festival
Yolanda Torres
Co-founder of afilm, Head of Studies, Filmmaker.

Yolanda has made films with Oliver Stone, José Luis Garci and Roger Corman.

A member of Women in Film, Los Angeles, Yolanda received her B.A. from UCLA’s Film and Television program (University California, Los Angeles), then was accepted as a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute (Los Angeles) and finally into Producing at EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, MEDIA, Luxembourg).

She has directed and produced various feature films, including:

The Anarchist’s Dream. Feature. 2022, (Best Feature, Berlin Film Awards, Best Thriller Cannes Awards, Best Feature Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Best Feature Sea of Art, Best THriller PAris International Film Awards)

The Odd Perspective. Feature. 2020, (Los Angeles Crime Film Festival, Barcelona Independent Film Festival)

The Supers. Feature. 2017, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

The Forsaken. Feature. 2015, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Tasmania Australia Stranger with My Face International Festival Official Selection 2016

Bilbao International Film Festival FANT 2016

New York International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2016
Singapore World International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2016
Los Angeles Cinefest. Official Selection. 2015

The Afterglow. Feature. 2014, Premier, Sitges International Film Festival. Co-Director.

New York International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2016
Singapore World International Film Festival, Official Selection. 2016
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival. 2015
FANT Bilbao Fantastic Film Festival 2015

Arkadia. Feature. Writer. Premier, Digital Barcelona Film Festival/ Sitges Film Festival

Nocturnia. Feature. Writer. Premier, DIBA Digital Barcelona Film Festival.

She’s produced a series of additional features, including:

Shattered Fragments. Feature. 2018, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

The Hunger Diaries. Feature. 2016, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Leaving Hotel Romantic. Feature. 2013, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Dancing Dogs. Feature. 2012, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Checkout. Feature. 2011, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Peculiar Habits of the Natives.Feature. 2010, (Premier, Sitges International Film Festival)

Yolanda began her career a Production Assistant on Oliver Stone’s The Doors, and went on to become Oscar award-winning Director José Luis Garci’s Assistant Director (throughout Spain), as well as at Roger Corman’s Studio (Venice, California). Her work in Development includes Deluca Artists Group (Beverly Hills), Trauko (Bilbao) Executive Producer Koldo Anasagasti (former Director San Sebastian Festival, Eitb Television) and José María Lara, PC. (Pamplona).

She works extensively in television, including at Eitb (Basque Television), on programs including the action / adventure “El Dia D” and more recently, the long-running “Robin Food” (at Martin Berasategui’s 3 star Michelin restaurant). She’s also branched out into documentaries, including the adventure series “De Leyendas y Mitos” and the political feature documentary, “Lendakari”.

Yolanda has taught Directing, Producing, Editing and Screenwriting for many years, including at the University of Barcelona (ESCAC).