Koldo Anasagasti at afilm International
Koldo Anasagasti
Executive Producer

Former Director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival & former Director of Basque Television Eitb

Koldo received his BA in Economic Science and Business from Deusto University in Bilbao, and began to work in the financial section of the newspaper, Deia. He eventually moved into the audiovisual industry, and became Chief of Production, then Director of Eitb, Basque Television. From there he became the Director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Koldo eventually created his own production companies, first Koma 93, and then Trauko management. He’s been producing audiovisual projects non-stop for the past 20 years. He’s responsible for the creation of “Arribedertxi Txirri”, “Mirri eta Txiribiton”, “40 urte” and the feature documentary, “Lendakari, la lucha del Pueblo Vasco por su libertad”. He’s also produced the movies, “Al Alcance de su mano”, “Pasión adolescente” and “Entre bateas” as well as the talk-show “Esta es mi gente”, amongst many more.

He won the Talent Award from the Academy of Television in 2012.