Juan A. Fernandez AEC
Juan A. Fernández AEC
Co-Founder afilm, Cinematographer, Producer
Cinematographer, Designer

A member of Spain’s AEC Society of Cinematographers Board of Directors, and a Sony ICE expert, Juan works extensively as a feature film and advertising Cinematographer, specializing in high-speed (with clients such as JPL), stereographic, underwater cinematography. He also designs specialty cinematic rigs, including 3D rigs (used in for example, Spain’s first 3D Imax film, “Viaje Magico a Africa”, Spain’s first 3D music video Pandora’s “Me tienes contenta”, BIga Luna’s 3D teaser for “Segon origen”, and 1st 3D live broadcast of an opera featuring the NY Met Opera at Barcelona’s Lyceu theatre).

Juan has shot many features (including Shattered Fragments, The Supers, Hunger Diaries, The Forsaken, The Afterglow, Leaving Hotel Romantic, Dancing Dogs, Arkadia, Nocturnia), television programs (including the long-running “Robin Food” shot at Martin Berasategui’s 3 star Michelin restaurant), documentaries, including Eduardo Chillida’s Museum Chillida, as well being a Steadicam Operator and Instructor.

His advertising clients range from Repsol to Actors One Agency to 080 BCN Brand and Fuji España, as well as shooting Fashion Motion Editorials for a variety of Designers including Aneleen Bertels (Amsterdam Fashion Week).

Juan studied Comunication Science at ITESM Unidad Morelos, and Photography, Film and Television at LACC, and worked for many years at Panavision Hollywood, as well as at Crest National Theater Lab, as well as being certified at Aaton as a Specialized Technitian, and at a Photosonics.

He’s been a member of SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Tv Engineers), SPIE (Society of Photo Optical Engineers), High Speed Society Working Group, etc.

Juan began his career as a camera operator for the Mexican Presidency.

He’s taught at UCLA’s Extension program, ESCAC Universidad Barcelona and Universidad Pompeu Fabra.