Joan Alvarez afilm Screenwriter
Joan Álvarez, Screenwriting
Screenwriter and Director Joan has worked on projects with directors such as Antonio Giménez-Rico, Ángel Alonso, Mario Camus, Benito Rabal, Carlos Gil or Yolanda Torres, amongst others.

He began his career with the short film Crimen Pluscuamperfecto, starring Carlos Fuentes and Cristina Brondo, which after it’s screening at the Sitges International Film Festival, opened the doors to more prominent projects.

One of those projects was Mystikal, el viaje de Eldyn, a film of international projection starring Iban Garate and Savitri Ceballos, which was the first Spanish feature film to combine live action in a virtual world.

Amongst his next projects were the adaptation of the novel El libro de las aguas, starring Álex González, Elena Furiase, Lolita, Pepe Sancho, Álvaro de Luna, Ana Diosdado and Ramón Langa.

After teaching at several film schools, Joan became part of the permanent staff at Afilm International Film Workshops as Head of Screenwriting. Within this context, co-wrote and co-directed the feature film Leaving Hotel Romantic. Next he adapted his own screenplay, The Dark Side, into the feature film The Afterglow, which he co-directed with Yolanda Torres, premiering at the Sitges International Film Festival. He then wrote the feature The Forsaken, also premiering at the Sitges Film Festival. Both films continue to participate actively in festivals.

Joan is also the Creative Director at the Barcelona production company, The BAD CAT Company, specializing in advertising and corporate videos, where he develops the creativity for and directs adverts for such brands as Esteve, PPG, Zopo, Grupo Planeta and Audi, amongst others.

Currently, Joan is at work on his next project to write and direct, the feature film El Krisac.