Actors One Agency at afilm
Giovanni Smets, Talent Agent/ Agent Instructor
Giovanni Smets is the founder of Actors One Agency, an international theatrical talent agency specializing in international co(productions).

Giovanni Smets is the founder of Actors One Agency,  located in Sitges, Barcelona. Giovanni represents a diverse range of professional actors from all over the world.

Giovanni has secured his outstanding group of talent, whom he has hand-picked himself, with roles in acclaimed national and international productions, such as “Hunter’s Prayer” by Jonathan Mostow, “Paradise Hills” by Alice Waddington and “Gernika” by Koldo Serra. His experience as a casting consultant for various audiovisual projects, such as the afilm International feature film “The Forsaken”, allows him to provide his actors with an inside perspective and to personally nurture and develop their careers.

Giovanni has a unique knowledge of acting and directing the actor from his training in filmmaking at Afilm International, Film Workshops, having written and directed various films, including the much praised fashion motion editorial “Inside the Dreammachine” for Belgian designer Anneleen Bertels (Amsterdam Fashion Week, La Jolla San Diego Fashion Film Festival) and the short film Leila+Morris (Sitges Film Festival, Sandfly International Film Festival, Australia, Berlin, New York).